A “sassy” summer white – Sokol Blosser Evolution White Blend

Wine tasting terms can be helpful

and baffling.

When we hear a wine described as “jammy”, we get it.  It has fruity, jam-like flavors.

When we hear that a wine tastes like “peony”, “underbrush” or “barnyard”, we scratch our head.  (BTW, I will go on record saying that if a wine tastes like barnyard, case closed:  it’s going down the drain.)

Here’s how I would describe Sokol Blosser Evolution White:


By definition, sassy means “bold, spicy, impertinent, full of spirit”.

Bold?  Yes. It has a hint of citrus flavor.  Spicy?  Yes again.  This is a blend of no less than 8 different grapes.  Two of those,  gewürztraminier and  Müller-Thurgau, contribute a hit of zestiness.  Full of spirit?  Check.  For it’s price point, this wine is surprisingly complex.  Impertinent?  I’m gonna stop while I’m ahead.

Beyond sassy, we’ll use another descriptor:  “crowd pleaser”.  6 of our colleagues here in our studio tasted this blend.  Everyone liked it.  That’s usually a good sign.

As of June 21, we found Sokol Blosser Evolution White Blend at:


Costco   near the airport              $9.99       Fred Meyer  Hollywood       $11.79

Fred Meyer   Hawthorne             $11.79       Trader Joe’s  Hollywood     $11.99

Safeway   NE 69th & Sandy        $13.49       Safeway  Hawthorne           $13.49

QFC   NE 56th & Burnside         $13.99       Whole Foods  NE 43rd & Sandy  $14.99

New Seasons  N. Interstate        $16.99       New Seasons  NE 32 & Broadway   $16.99


Fred Meyer  Stadium               $11.79            Fred Meyer  Walker Road     $11.79

Fred Meyer  Beaverton            $11.79            Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills      $11.79

Trader Joe’s  NW Irving            $11.99             Trader Joe’s  Beaverton         $11.99

Safeway  NW Lovejoy              $13.49            Safeway  Cornell & Murray   $13.49

QFC   Bethany                           $13.99           QFC  Barnes & Miller             $13.99

Zupan’s   Burnside                    $14.97          New Seasons  NW Raleigh       $16.99

New Seasons  Cedar Mill        $16.99           Bale’s Thriftway  NW Cornell   $15.99


Costco    Tigard                        $9.99            Fred Meyer SW Barbur               $11.79

Fred Meyer  Tualatin             $11.79           Trader Joe’s  Lake Oswego           $11.99

Safeway   SW Barbur             $13.49           Safeway  Lake Oswego                $13.49

Zupan’s Lake Oswego           $14.97            Zupan’s SW Macadam                 $14.97

New Seasons  Mountain Park  $16.99      New Seasons  Tualatin                 $16.99