Here’s another Oregon white wine you might not know about…but you should. Abacela 2017 Albariño

Oregon’s most popular/acclaimed/well-known wine region is, of course, the Willamette Valley with the bullseye being Yamhill County.

But for our latest recommendation, we’ll travel considerably south to another neck-of-the-Oregon-wine-woods that is growing in popularity and reputation:  the Rogue Valley.


Our series on Oregon Wine Month continues with Abacela’s 2017 Albariño, grown and bottled near Roseburg.

If you love seafood, you’ve come to the right place.  Albariño is crisp, fresh and full of citrus flavors.  As such, it’s a perfect match with shrimp, fish tacos, halibut…anything that swims and has white flesh.  Me being me, I like it on its own.  At a wine conference last fall, I was in a session during which we tasted TEN Albariños.  If they hadn’t kicked me out, I’d still be in that room.

Abacela’s 2017 is quintessential Albariño.  While it’s light and dry, it also has enough fruit to make you say, “hmmmm”.  With warmer weather on the way, consider this Albariño when you’re looking for a summer cooler.

As of May 22, we found Abacela 2017 Albariñ0 at:


Safeway  NE 69th & Sandy           $15.39          Safeway  Hawthorne               $15.39

Fred Meyer   Hollywood                $15.99          Fred Meyer  Hawthorne          $15.99

Fred Meyer  Interstate                   $15.99          New Seasons  N. Interstate     $16.99

New Seasons NE 32nd & Broadway  $16.99      QFC  NE 56th & Burnside      $16.99


Safeway   NW Lovejoy               $15.39           Safeway NW Cornell                  $15.39

Fred Meyer Stadium                 $15.99            Fred Meyer Walker Road           $15.99

Fred Meyer Beaverton              $15.99            Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills           $15.99

New Seasons  NW Raleigh       $16.99           New Seasons Cedar Hills            $16.99

Market of Choice Cedar Mill     $16.99           QFC   Barnes & Miller                $16.99


Safeway  SW Barbur Blvd.       $15.39             Safeway  Lake Oswego            $15.39

Fred Meyer  SW Barbur Blvd.   $15.99            Fred Meyer  Tualatin                $15.99

New Seasons Mountain Park   $16.99            New Seasons Tualatin              $16.99