Ho ho ho! Wine gifts for the holidays!

Lots of options for the wine lover on your list

From practical to silly and everything in between, there’s no lack of wine-related gift ideas this holiday season.

Here are a few of our favorites…



Wine Smarts game

Wine Smarts tests your knowledge of wine, grapes, wine regions and general information about our favorite subject (which would be, of course, wine!)

  Wine, friends & games.  If you like all three, you’ll like Wine Smarts.

It’s not exactly a “drinking game”…guess you could play Wine Smarts without a glass in your hand…but it gives you a good excuse for a wrong answer.


Wine Twirls in-glass wine coolers

You want to keep your white wine and/or rosé chilled in your glass.  You don’t want to use ice cubes since they melt and dilute the flavor and intensity of the wine.

Wine Twirls solves the problem.

Freeze a Wine Twirl, place in glass, keep wine chilled,

control the Wine Twirl so it doesn’t slide up your glass and splash wine up your nose

and enjoy.



Sipski Bathtub Wine Glass Holder

How ’bout a glass of wine with that bubble bath?  With the Sipski Wine Glass Holder,

you can sip and soak simultaneously.

Don’t have any friends who you deem worthy of such decadence?

Forget the friends. Get one for yourself.



Novelty Wine Glasses 

Spend a little time shopping on the internet

and you can find a wine glass that has virtually any message you could imagine

and many messages that you can’t.

They’re like the Hallmark cards of wine.

“I’d give up wine but I’m no quitter”.

“I’m not slurring my words.  I’m speaking in cursive.”

“I started my new wine diet.  I’ve already lost three days.”

The list goes on and on and on.


Novelty Wine Socks

This particular pair could be the perfect gift for the hard-working mom.

But like wine glasses, there are numerous variations on the wine socks theme.





Novelty Wine T-shirts

T-shirts, hoodies, hats with wine jokes or wine references…they’re everywhere.

Go online and you will find an apparel item

that has just the right sentiment for anyone on your list.

From naughty to nice, it’s available  That’s a guarantee.

Wine Glass Holder Lanyard

Who is that guy and what the heck does he have around his neck?

That guy will remain nameless but around his neck is a Wine Glass Holder Lanyard.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  Perhaps some engineer type  was at a party and grabbing appetizers with just one hand wasn’t efficient enough.  Presto!  The Wine Glass Holder Lanyard is born.



Good luck shopping and Happy Holidays!