Thanks for helping Pat The Wine Guy make it to our one-year anniversary! Keep spreading the word!

It all started innocently enough.

We thought we’d shop Portland-area stores, see what reasonably-priced wines are on the shelves, taste them, review them and, if they qualify for our Holy Grail…good wine AND a good buy…we’d recommend them.

Now, one year later, we’ve posted dozens of free wine reviews, Thanksgiving wine pairings, Halloween wine pairings, Valentine’s Day wine pairings, talked about microwaving wine  (I’m still getting crap for that), appeared on local TV seven times talking about wine…on and on and on.

But by far,  the most important accomplishment of year one of Pat The Wine Guy: we connected with YOU!  

You’re the reason PTWG exists! 

This is not a profit project.  It’s a passion project.  We’re passionate about improving your wine shopping experience and about finding good wine buys in your Portland-area store  (and stores beyond Portland…we have followers up and down the West Coast.)

We have a favor to ask.  If you like what we’re doing and saying, please spread the word.   As you know, we’re not selling anything.  We’re just trying to gain as many followers as possible as we build a community of wine lovers and savvy shoppers.

In year two, we plan to go beyond the grocery store and hit Portland’s neighborhood wine shops (of which there are many) to find more great wines in the $15-$30 range.  We’ve also scheduled several wine tastings…for fun and research.  It’s always interesting to find out what you like and why.

A shout out to KATU’s Tra Renee Chambers and Katie Arthur.  They keep inviting me back to their show, KATU’s Afternoon Live.  Every appearance has been a blast.  Looking forward to more.

Most of all,  thanks to you.  We appreciate your support.  We love your feedback.  

   Here’s to another year of more wine, more reviews and more fun.  I’ll drink to that!