For the upcoming 3-day weekend, it’s Oregon wineries’ annual open house… and we’re all invited

You could shop this weekend.


You could tour the wine country, tasting a vast variety of local wine, sampling special-occasion food and gaining unique access to hundreds of Willamette Valley wineries.

Your call.

Wanted to let you  know about Wine Country Thanksgiving, a yearly celebration when dozens…actually hundreds…of Oregon wineries open their doors and pour their finest.  It happens Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  (Check the link below for specific hours.)

For some boutique wineries, it’s the only time all year that they welcome visitors.

They started this annual party 35 years ago with 9 wineries participating.  Now over 140 wineries are in on the fun.

The timing is good for them since the harvest is over, the latest vintage is in the barrel and if there is ever such a thing as a “slow” time at a winery, this is it.

Also, the timing is good for us since most of us have a four-day weekend.  And we like wine.

Thus, it’s your basic win-win.

Here’s a link with information about all of the wineries that are participating, hours, tasting fees, etc.

Enjoy the weekend, hope to see you in the wineries and Happy Thanksgiving!