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This started several years ago when I was working at Nike, managing the Film and Video production department.  Word got around that I knew a little about wine. My Nike friends started asking me for recommendations.  Just for fun, I created lists of wines that I liked and, more importantly, knew were available at stores near the Nike campus. I’ve always thought recommendations are worthless if you can’t find the wine.  My friends liked the “good wine you can find near Nike” lists

and I liked pulling them together.

Now, several years later, I’m reviving the idea and expanding the territory…creating lists of great wine/good buys in the Portland metro area.

I’m not a sommelier. I’m just a consumer like you. I don’t know if I have a great palate. I just know what I like: wines with character and balance.

In our price range, there are no slam dunks.
There’s a lot more crap than quality.
But that’s OK. We’ll kiss a lot of frogs in order to find a few gems.

The world does not need another wine blog. But we think our focus on quality wine, great buys and availability…especially availability…make our approach unique. It’s all about good wine that you can find.  We’re short on pretense and stuffiness…long on useful information and sense of humor.

Our goal is to help you navigate “the wall”, sift through the array of confusing choices and make a great buying decision.