Our parade of summer rosés continues with a French selection that’s easy to find: Fleurs de Prairie 2017

They say it’s cooling off today:  from this weekend’s high of 100 all the way down to 94.  Gonna be downright frigid, right?

That’s here in Portland but wherever you are, the rosé summer continues.  To keep the ball rollin’, we’re recommending a rosé that’s easy to find,  grab on the way home, chill in the fridge,  and enjoy without breaking the bank.

The 2017 Fleurs de Prairie rosé comes to us from arguably the rosé capital of the world,  Provence.  As such, it’s typically French:  dry and tangy with medium acidity and signature strawberry/watermelon flavors.

The bottom third of the bottle is embossed with the outline of wildflowers (“Fleurs de Prairie” translates to “wildflowers”) making it easy to spot on the store shelf.

You can find it at Fred Meyer, Safeway and Trader Joe’s where they tout the Fleurs de Prairie as “a lovely host gift” which is a good call.  The packaging is nice. So is the wine.

As of July 16, we found the 2017 Fleurs de Prairie at:


Trader Joe’s NE 41st & Halsey       $13.99     Fred Meyer Hollywood      $14.99

Fred Meyer  Hawthorne                 $14.99      Safeway  Hawthorne        $16.99


Trader Joe’s  NW  Irving                $13.99      Trader Joe’s Beaverton    $13.99

Fred Meyer  Stadium                      $14.99      Fred Meyer  Beaverton    $14.99

Fred Meyer  Walker Rd.                 $14.99      Fred Meyer  Raleigh Hills   $14.99

Safeway  NW Cornell Rd.               $16.99


Trader Joe’s  Lake Oswego            $13.99       Fred Meyer  SW Barbur Blvd.  $14.99

Fred Meyer  Tualatin                      $14.99       Safeway  SW Barbur Blvd.        $14.99

Safeway  Lake Oswego                   $14.99