A cool white for a warm summer day – Pine Ridge 2019 Chenin Blanc/Viognier

    Here comes summer!

    And not a moment too soon. 

    I’m tired of stepping around slugs in the yard. 

    Even here in Portland, where we joke that summer never starts

until the 5th of July,  it will eventually warm up…and it will be time

to lean heavily into the whites.

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      It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price-

that-you-can-find recommendation. 

     Since variety is the spice of life (and wine), today we’re featuring a white

that’s not one of the usual suspects, i.e., chardonnay or pinot gris.




      It’s a most unlikely story. 

      Pine Ridge, a California winery known for its high-end

(some bottles go for $100 plus) cabernet sauvignon, combines two

grape varieties from France and creates a unique sub-$20 white blend. 

      It’s a successful marriage.

      Chenin blanc brings bright citrus tones and medium acidity while

the viognier contributes round, creamy fruit flavors such as peach and apple.   

     This is a very versatile wine.

     It’s great on its own but also works well with appetizers

such as olives and goat cheese. 

     And it’s slightly-tart acidity makes it a good pairing with spicy food

such as Thai curry. 

     The Pine Ridge 2019 chenin blanc/viognier is quite easy to find. 

     Fred Meyer has it for $14.49. 

     The price at Whole Foods and QFC is $14.99. 

     At Safeway, it’s $16.99. 

     Right now, Wine.com is selling it at a considerable discount…$12.99. 

     Here’s the link: