A Pinot pick for fall – 2019 Banshee Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir is an ideal choice for fall. 


When the weather turns crisp and cool,

it’s natural to gravitate toward Pinot.


Typically a savory, earthy red, Pinot Noir

has the appropriate “weight” and flavors

for the transition period between the dog days of summer

and the re-appearance of Old Man Winter.

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Every Thursday, we highlight a wine that not only

is a good value but is also easy to find both at retail and online.   

We call it Wine Thursday! 

This week, we’re focusing on a

California Pinot Noir that goes by

an unconventional name.




Did you know that a banshee is a female spirit

whose wailing warns of an impending death in the house? 

And are you wondering what that has to do

with a Pinot Noir from California’s Sonoma County?   

That makes two of us. 

No matter. 

Name notwithstanding, Banshee is one of the

better sub-$20 widely-distributed Pinots. 

It’s a light-to-medium bodied red, full of tart fruit flavors

such as cherry and cranberry. 

Though it is predominately dry,

it does show just a touch of red licorice on the palate.  

With its high acidity, Banshee would be a

good match with lean meats such as

baked chicken and pork roast.   


The 2019 Banshee Pinot Noir is at QFC for $17.99. 

Safeway’s price is $19.99.  Fred Meyer has it for $20.99. 

It’s on the shelf at Total Wine for $23.99.   

You can order it from Wine On Sale for $17.95


Napa Cabs carries it for $17.99  


Mission Wine & Spirits also lists it at $17.99  


You’ll find it at The Wine Stop for $18.99