Back in the saddle with a new rosé recommendation: La Promenade Côtes de Provence Rosé

We took a week or so off from posting while we enjoyed the sandy beaches and smoky air of the Big Island.  The smoke was not from the volcano (which the locals say has actually calmed down considerably)  but from a fast-spreading brush fire.  Seems like the entire world is on fire right now.

By the way, if there was any doubt that we were truly in Hawaii, well, you can’t find hats like this on the mainland.

OK, back to business with a recommendation on a very reasonably priced rosé.

  Rosé drinkers seem to fall in two categories:  those who like their rosé on the sweeter, fruitier side and those who like a more savory version.

If you lean toward the latter, you’ll like La Promenade rosé.  It’s produced in the rosé mother lode, Côtes de Provence in the south of France.  Most rosés from Provence have that “crunchy green flavor”…a great descriptor that I lifted from Wine Folly, a book/website I highly recommend.

Put another way, a Provence rosé usually has a tangy, herbal taste that might make you hesitate…just a bit…and think about what you’re drinking.  You might not quaff it as quickly as a sweeter rosé but it will go down with ease nonetheless.

Here’s where we’d normally call out the various stores that carry La Promenade.  But this is a Trader Joe’s exclusive.  Find a Trader Joe’s, you should find La Promenade.

At $10.99 a bottle, it’s a good buy.