Balanced Bordeaux blend – 2018 Dunham Trutina

For hundreds of years, winemakers in the Bordeaux region

of southwest France have been combining Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

with varying amounts of Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec. 

The resulting red wine is known as a “Bordeaux blend”.

Winemakers around the world have latched on to the

same general recipe.  They too call their finished product

a Bordeaux blend. 

Now a Bordeaux blend could come from virtually anywhere,

including Walla Walla.

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It’s Wine Thursday! 

Every week we check out a good-wine-


This week, we’re shining the light on a

balanced Bordeaux-blend that originates

not in southwest France but in eastern Washington.




Trutina is a Latin term.  English translation: the balance.   

Dunham’s 2018 Trutina is just that…balanced. 

With Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as its key components,

this wine has a rich full-bodied structure.  While the tannins

are substantial, it’s polished and smooth. 

Dark fruit flavors, such as black cherry,

raspberry and plum shine through.


The Walla Walla region has become known

for its stellar Bordeaux-blends.  Dunham’s Trutina

upholds that deserved reputation.


Dunham’s 2018 Trutina is at Total Wine for $19.97. 

We found it at Costco for $22.49. 

It’s on the shelf at QFC for $24.99 and at Safeway for $26.99. 

Online, you can order it from Shop Rite Wines for $24.99 

 Stupid Wine Deals  (love that name, right?) has it for $25.99 

or you can order it from the winery for $29