Celebrity red blend – Z Alexander Brown 2020 Uncaged


It’s a love affair.

Celebrities love wine.

Winemakers love celebrities. 

And it doesn’t appear there’s going to be a breakup anytime soon. 

Just the opposite. 

The number of collaborations between famous actors, musicians & athletes

and wine producers continues to grow. 


Many of these partnerships are quite overt in using the star’s fame

to market the wine. 

NBA star James Harden doesn’t vacillate.  His wine is called J Harden. 

Another NBA celeb, Dwayne Wade, calls his wine portfolio Wade Cellars.

Singer-songwriter John Legend’s wine is known as Legend Vineyard Exclusives. 


Meanwhile, other celebrities…and their wine-producing partners…

are more subtle with their selling.


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It’s Wine Thursday!  our weekly call out of a good wine

that sells at a good price and is easy to find at the store or online.


This week, we’re looking at a red blend that’s part of

a family of wines associated…albeit tacitly…

with one of country music’s biggest stars.




Where it’s from 

A half-dozen years ago, country music star Zac Brown teamed up

with California winemaker John Killebrew to create

the Z Alexander Brown project.  They’re fairly low-key about

the celebrity connection.  They make more noise about

their five wines…three reds and two whites…

that comprise the”Uncaged” portfolio.

Uncaged is also the name of the Zac Brown Band’s 3rd album. 

The Uncaged red blend is produced in the Central Valley

town of Manteca, California.


What it is

A Zinfandel-based blend, the 2020 Uncaged red is 

robust, jammy, and full-bodied.  It’s a balanced mix

of complimentary flavors including chocolate, dark cherry and coffee. 

This shows a strong oak presence throughout that winds up

with a smooth, lush finish.   


There’s a profusion of sub-$20 red blends on the market. 

In that group, Uncaged is a cut above.


Where to buy it

Z Alexander Brown 2020 Uncaged red blend is at Total Wine for $13.99. 

Fred Meyer has it for $15.99.  It’s on the shelf at Albertsons for $18.49.

The price at Safeway, Bevmo and World Market is $19.99. 

You can order Z Alexander Brown Uncaged red blend

from Luekens for $11.99


Empire Wine has it for $12.95  


The price at Buy Wines Online is $14.95  


You can order it from Marketview Liquor for $14.99