Chardonnay used to be “one of the dumbest wines on earth” Not any more. Consider Willamette Valley Vineyards 2016 Dijon Clone Chardonnay


Patrick Comiskey is refreshing in his candor

  Wine critic for the LA Times, Comiskey tells it like it is. 

Chardonnay, he says, used to be “one of the dumbest wines on earth.” 

Mass-produced chard had gotten so bad that,

as Comiskey wrote,

“it seemed like an insult to wetness.” 

(Insult to wetness…you gotta love that line)



But Comiskey believes things have changed

He says we’ve moved into “the golden age of Chardonnay” 

For Wine Thursday!

we looked for evidence of Chardonnay’s rebound

and we found it.




Willamette Valley Vineyards Dijon Clone 2016

is a good example of how much

Oregon-produced Chardonnay

has improved in recent years

 This is not a butter bomb. 

Rather, it shows a nice level of acidity, a touch of oak and just enough fruit.

A frequent question I hear, “what wine goes well with roast chicken?” 

 Answer: a well-balanced Chardonnay… like this one. 


 It was a little surprising that we didn’t see more of this at retail. 

But you can find Willamette Valley Vineyards ’16 Chardonnay

at Fred Meyer for $18.79 and at QFC for $19.99. 

You can also order it from the winery



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