Evodia 2014 garnacha

This is surprisingly good wine at a hard-to-believe price. Ten bucks!

Having said that, I bet some of you will read no further.

Surprisingly good. Hard-to-believe. Ten bucks!

What more do you need to know?

Probably nothing. Next stop, your local grocery.

But for those who like a little story with their wine, a few details:

Evodia is 90% Spanish Garnacha, aka Grenache.

Like with most Grenache-based reds, you will definitely taste fruit.

But there’s tannin and acidity too, in just the right amounts.

Yes, this is priced below our normal $15-$30 sweet spot but it’s doubtful anyone will complain about a wine that under-promises and over-delivers.

Robert Parker, probably the leading wine critic on the planet,

says Evodia is the type of wine he “wished had existed when I was in college”.

If Evodia had existed when I was in college, I never would have graduated.

As of April 6, we saw Evodia at:


Fred Meyer – Hawthorne                      $9.99

New Seasons – Hollywood                   $9.99

QFC –  Burnside & 56th                       $9.99

Whole Foods – Sandy                          $11.99


Fred Meyer – Walker Rd.                      $9.99

Fred Meyer – Beaverton                      $9.99

Fred Meyer – Raleigh Hills                  $9.99


New Seasons – NW Raleigh                $9.99

Zupan’s Burnside                                 $10.75

Whole Foods – Pearl                           $11.99

Thriftway – Cornell Rd.                        $9.99

Market of Choice – Cedar Mill             $9.99


Fred Meyer – Tualitin                           $9.99

Market of Choice SW Terwilliger          $9.99

Fred Meyer  Barbur Blvd.                        $9.99

New Seasons – Mountain Park             $9.99

Zupan’s SW Macadam                          $10.75