For National Rosé Day – Bieler Père et Fils 2019 Rosé Sabine


Saturday, June 12 is National Rosé Day

which will serve as a good excuse for Rosé enthusiasts

to drink even more of their fave.  

It’s a nice promotion for a wine category

that doesn’t really need the boost. 

Rosé’s popularity has exploded. 

The Nielsen survey folks tell us that

Rosé consumption went up nearly 300% 

from 2016 through 2020.


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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly


that-you-can-find review,

just in time for National Rosé Day. 


One reason for the surge in Rosé sales: 

wherever you shop, you’ll find a number

of terrific Rosé bargains.   

This week’s featured wine is one of them.



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The Bieler father and son (père et fils) team have

figured out the formula on how to consistently produce

high-quality great-value Rosé from Provence. 


Unlike many other Rosés in this price range,

the 2019 Sabine is not cloyingly sweet. 

Instead it has multiple layers of tangy

fruit flavors such as strawberry and orange. 

There’s also an herbal quality that

sets the Provence Rosés apart. 

Crisp, light and refreshing, this is a gem. 

It would be a challenge to source a better Rosé

in the $10-$15 price range. 


The Bieler Père et Fils 2019 Sabine can be found

at many retail outlets.   

Fred Meyer and Total Wine both have it for $10.99. 

You’ll find it at Safeway for $11.29.  QFC’s price is $13.99. 

There are also many options to order it online. 

Twin Peaks Liquor has it for $10.99 and Drizly sells it for $11.99

Woods Wholesale Wine has it for $12.98

And Clever Wine Online sells it for $14.98