For National Rosé Day – take flight with 2019 Little Wing rosé

     National Rosé Day, which annually falls on the second Saturday in June, annually poses a challenge:  with so many rosés on the market, which one to focus on? 

     The flip side of that:  with so many rosés on the market, if you don’t like one, there are about one hundred others waiting in the wings. 

     Waiting in the wings. 

     That’s a terrible pun that will make sense in short order.

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    It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price-that-you-can-find recommendation.   

     Our featured bottle today is one that grabs your attention…visually…for what it doesn’t have.




     Little Wing rosé has no type, no words, no message, no nothing on its front label…just a graphic depiction of a little wing. 

    Ironically, by saying nothing, the label says a lot.  It shouts “pick me up”, which in wine sales is half the battle.   

    As we’ve stated in many previous posts, just because you like the label, that’s no guarantee you will like the wine.  But this rosé delivers on the promise. 

     Little Wing comes from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, currently one of the hottest spots in the wine world for rosé.  Half pinot noir and half pinot gris, Little Wing makes an impression. 

     It’s dry and crisp with zesty acidity.  It would work at a patio party but would also be a wonderful compliment to a serious meal. 

     Little Wing flies a little under the radar (that’s terrible pun #2 if you’re counting). 

     I couldn’t find a winery website.  But it is available at Fred Meyer for $13.99.  QFC has it for $14.99. 

     You can order it online from two Portland wine shops:

     Mom and Pop Wine Shop

      and Blackbird Wine