For National White Wine Day, here’s a perennial crowd pleaser. King Estate Pinot Gris


Some of these “National this days”

or “National that days” are just silly. 

But this one makes perfect sense.


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For Wine Thursday!

our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price-

that-you-can-find recommendation,

just in time for your weekend,

we’re fast-forwarding to Sunday.


Sunday is National White Wine Day.


It’s always celebrated on August 4,

right in the bullseye of the dog days of summer

when you’re in the mood for a easy-drinking chilled white

which is just what we have here.





King Estate’s 2017 Pinot Gris is a solid summer sipper. 

It deftly threads the needle between tart and sweet. 

 Pleasant fruit flavor combined with tangy acidity

makes this a prototypical pinot gris.


 Quick story:  I have a brother-in-law who is obsessed with chardonnay. 

He would pour chardonnay on his corn flakes if my sister-in-law let him. 

It’s chardonnay or nothing for him.

But recently, we were out of chard so he tried this King Estate. 

He loved it. 

He quickly went back to chardonnay but he loved this pinot gris.


King Estate is easy to find and priced competitively. 


Where we found it and what it costs: 

Costco – $14.59 

 Trader Joe’s-$14.99 

Fred Meyer – $15.99

  Safeway – $16.54

QFC – $16.99 

Whole Foods – $17.99 

New Seasons – $18.99