For Wine Thursday!, a stellar red blend – Tamarack Cellars 2015 Firehouse Red


For this week’s Wine Thursday!

we’re recommending the wine

that finished an oh-so-close second

in last week’s Battle of the Red Blends




Tamarack Cellars Firehouse Red

is a perennial favorite

The 2015 version keeps the streak going


You could call it a Goldilocks blend.

Not too dry.  Not too sweet.  It’s just right. 


When they say blend, they aren’t kidding around. 

This one includes, take a deep breath,

Cabernet Sauvignon 



Cabernet Franc 



Petit Verdot 


and Mourvedre.   

Put ’em all together and you get plum and dark berry flavors. 

Perfect timing as those flavors go very well with…




Chocolate-based Easter candy 


Tamarack Cellars 2015 Firehouse Red is very easy to find. 

You can pick it up at selected (some but not all)

Costco locations for just under $14. 

Safeway has it for just over $15. 

It’s at Fred Meyer for $16,

at QFC and New Seasons for $17

and at Bale’s Thriftway and Market of Choice for $18. 


Let us know what you think about Firehouse Red.

See you next week for another Wine Thursday!