For Wine Thursday!, how about an un-Usual rosé?



For this Wine Thursday!

we’re breaking the rules.


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We’re touting a wine

that you CAN’T find

at your store.

But it is easy to purchase.

And it’s certainly distinctive. 




If unique is what you seek,

here’s an unusual product that goes by the name of…Usual. 


Usual is a California company taking dead aim

at the “wine is supposed to be fun” crowd.   


Their wine comes in a quirky-cute  bottle

which holds a quirky-unusual amount of wine…

6.3 ounces as opposed to the typical 5 ounce glass of wine. 

Thus, it’s more than a normal glass

but less than a typical can of wine.




You order online. 

Minimum quantity:  six bottles for $48. 

If you order a dozen bottles,

Usual includes a four-bottle floatie,

presumably for the times when you’re imbibing in your pool.




What about the wine? 

We held a blind tasting in our office. 

The consensus:  it’s somewhat “thin”. 

We were hoping for more flavor…more structure. 

Thus, we’d place it firmly in the “OK, not great” category. 


But if presentation is a priority

at your upcoming patio or pool party, 

flash a few bottles of Usual rosé

and you’ll definitely get a conversation started. 


Here’s a link to their website: