For Wine Thursday!, we have a recommendation that promises to keep you “Fraiche Comme Le Rose”

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It’s Wine Thursday!

our weekly good-wine-



just in time for your weekend.  


Aerial photography of tourists playing and taking sunbath on a sandy beach in Positano, Italy


Whether you’re going to spend the weekend

rubbing elbows with the crowd on the Italian Riveria

or just chillin’ in your backyard,

we have a tasty French rosé to recommend.





AIX comes to us from…well…AIX.  

Aix is a city/commune in Provence in the south of France,

a region known world-wide for it’s wonderful rosé. 

The AIX 2018 lives up to the region’s reputation. 

Berry flavors combine with crisp acidity

 to form a textbook French rosé.




If your goal this weekend is to stay

“fraiche comme le rose” 

(fresh as a rose) or even better

“fraiche comme le rosé”,

AIX rosé will work just fine.   

We found AIX at New Seasons for $15.99, Fred Meyer for $16.99,

Whole Foods and Market of Choice for $17.99

and QFC for $19.99. 

Note:  we did see a few bottles of the 2017 vintage

on the retail shelves. 

We did not taste the ’17, only the ’18,

but from vintage to vintage, Provence rosés are fairly consistent.