Good wine, great story – McBride Sisters Sauvignon Blanc


The wine world is replete with compelling stories…

about the vineyards, the terroir and the wine itself. 


This story is about two wine makers…pioneers in the field…

whose journey is as remarkable as it is unique.




Andréa Mc Bride was raised in New Zealand. 

Her half-sister, Robin, was raised in Monterey, California. 

They had the same father but different mothers. 

At the time, there was no social media…

no communication at all between the “families”.


Growing up thousands of miles apart,

they had no knowledge of each other.


Things changed when Andréa got an unexpected call

from her father. 

He told her he was dying of cancer.

He had a final wish: he wanted Andréa

and Robin…the half sisters who didn’t know

each other existed…to meet. 

And it happened.


When Andréa was 16 and Robin was 25,

they saw each other for the first time.

They quickly discovered they shared

a common interest in wine. 

They started a wine import business

and worked their way up the industry ladder.  


Within a few years, the McBrides

became the first black women/sister duo

to start a wine company in the U.S. 


The company flourished. 


Now, McBride Sisters is the largest black-owned and

all women-funded wine company in the country.

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It’s Wine Thursday!,  our regular feature where

we feature a good wine that sells at a good price

and is easy to find at the store and online.


Since branching out as wine entrepreneurs,

the McBride sisters have done well. 

They now have a number of brands and

a wide portfolio of products. 

For Wine Thursday!, we’re going to check out

the wine that got the ball rolling for the sisters.



Where it’s from

The McBride sisters source grapes from vineyards in the

Wairau and Awatere valleys in the Marlborough district

of New Zealand.  Located on the northeastern tip

of the South Island, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

is credited with putting New Zealand

on the international wine map.   


What it is   

The McBride Sisters’ 2022 Sauvignon Blanc delivers the flavors and feel

that we’ve come to expect from New Zealand’s classic wine.   

Crisp citrus notes of grapefruit and lemon lead the way

with green apple and grassy undertones in the background. 

It’s acidic, slightly tart and medium bodied. 

This is not an overly complex wine but it is quite refreshing. 

A summer crowd pleaser?  Absolutely. 

Don’t freeze it…no ice cubes!… but do serve it very well chilled.  


Where to buy it  

Target has this Sauvignon Blanc for $15.99. 

The price at Total Wine is $16.99. 

It’s at Fred Meyer and QFC for $17.99. 

The price at Ralph’s is $18.99. 

Safeway and Albertsons have it for $19.99.

It’s at BevMo for $21.99.   

You can order it from Luekens Wine & Spirits for $13.99   

B-21’s price is $14.99   

Hazel’s Beverage World has it for $14.99 

and it’s at K & D Wine & Spirits for $16.99