Indulge! – Fonseca Bin 27 Reserve Porto


Dry January will be upon us soon enough.


Between now and then, ’tis the season to indulge

by enjoying a beverage that you might not even consider

during the rest of the year…Port.   


Yes, it’s a fortified wine, which means

the alcohol content is higher than the norm.


But here’s the good news: drunk in moderation,

Port is associated with a surprising number of health benefits. 


It’s rich in antioxidants and iron, has the potential to promote

cardiovascular health, works as a digestive aid and

can even contribute to better bone health. 


That’s what science and the experts suggest.

Here’s a non-scientific benefit.

On a chilly winter’s night,

nothing warms the soul like a glass of Port.


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It’s Wine Thursday!, our regular feature

where we shine a light on a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price and is easy to find

at the store or online. 


This week we’re checking out a Port…or Porto…

that is described as “entry level”. 

But this one punches well above its weight.




Where it’s from   

Many wines are produced in multiple locations around the world. 

Not Port. 

It comes from one and only one region,

the spectacular Douro River valley in Portugal. 

The historic Fonseca winery is located in the heart of historic Vila Nova de Gaia,

across the Douro River from the city of Porto.    


What it is  

Sweet, thick, layered and rich, Fonseca’s non-vintage Bin 27

is a solid post-holiday meal sipper. 

There’s not much nuance here. 

This Porto comes right at you with a barrage

of candied fruit flavors and spice. 

But there’s a nice balance between sweetness and acidity. 

Pair this with any rich dessert, chocolate, blue cheese

or if it’s your thing, a good cigar.   


Where to buy it  

It’s easy to find Fonseca’s Bin 27 Reserve Porto. 

Total Wine has it for $14.99. 

It’s at Safeway for $16.99.  The price at Vons is $17.77.

It’s $18.99 at Fred Meyer and BevMo.  Ralphs has it for $19.99. 

QFC’s price is $21.99 and Albertsons has it for $22.49. 

You can order it from Woods Wholesale Wine for $14.97

Vine Republic has it for $14.98

The price at Stirling Fine Wines is $14.99

Luekens Wine & Spirits’ price is $15.99