Labor Day BBQ red – Seghesio 2018 Zinfandel

It’s Labor Day barbecue time. 

Bring on the polenta and the peaches.   Yes,  polenta,  peaches and more.

Consult the latest BBQ cookbooks. 

They’re touting virtually every food item imaginable as being fair game for the grill.

Barbecued bananas?  There’s a recipe for that.

But as we zero in on a Labor Day food-wine pairing, we’re taking a more classic approach

to what goes on your grill and in your glass.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly good-wine-at-a-good-price-

that-you-can-find recommendation,  just in time for your holiday weekend. 

If your Labor Day menu includes the tried-and-true such as ribs, burgers, steak

and/or chicken slathered in traditional BBQ sauce, we have a wine for you.


Zinfandel is a popular choice for BBQ fare. 

But lower-end zins in the $10-$15 range are often unappealing fruit bombs. 

High in alcohol, they bludgeon the drinker with overripe, pruny flavors. 

I recommend you spend a few dollars more for the significant step up in quality

you’ll receive from Seghesio’s Sonoma County zinfandel.   

Consistently reliable, Seghesio’s flagship zin has pleasing blueberry /raspberry fruit flavors

along with hints of spice, making it a worthy compliment

to red meat and pungent BBQ sauce. 

We found it at Costco for $19.49.  At less than 20 bucks, this is a terrific buy. offers it at $21.99. 

The price at QFC is $23.99. 

Safeway: $24.99  Fred Meyer: $25.99.





If you feel like splurging, I highly recommend that you take the next step up

in Seghesio’s zin family and try the Cortina. 

You’ll have to dig deeper. 

The Cortina will cost $10 to $15 more than the Sonoma County. 

But you’ll be rewarded. 

The Cortina is soft and smooth yet complex.   

With deep dark-fruit flavors and solid tannins, it’s a luscious zinfandel.