Rosé in October. And November. And December. We’re bringing back a good one from France: 2016 Gérard Bertrand Cotes Des Roses rosé

How long will it be before we enjoy some warm weather again?  It’s best not to think about it.

While we wait, we can think about enjoying rosé,  even though it’s  traditionally viewed as a warm-weather wine.

We’ve said it before:  rosé leads the league in versatility.  It works wonderfully as an apértif, pairs with a wide variety of food, and is hard to beat as a generic party wine.

We’re re-recommending  a winner from a few months ago.

  Gérard Bertrand 2016 Cotes de Roses rosé has a lot going for it:  floral aromatics, crisp flavor, distinctive packaging at a competitive price,  all from the south of France.

One more thing: there’s a lot of it out there.  Check out the end cap stack at one of the local Costcos


With the holidays coming, Bertrand’s Cote des Roses rosé is an easy go-to…an all-occasion wine for the many special occasions on the way.

As of October 20, we found Gérard Bertrand 2016 Cote des Roses rosé at:


Costco near PDX            $11.99          Fred Meyer Hollywood          $15.49

Fred Meyer Hawthorne  $15.49          QFC  NE 56th & Burnside    $15.99

Safeway   Hawthorne     $16.99


Costco  Beaverton            $11.99         Fred Meyer  Beaverton     $15.49

Fred Meyer  Raleigh Hills  $15.49       QFC  Barnes & Miller        $15.99


Costco   Tigard                 $11.99         Fred Meyer Tualatin         $15.49

Safeway  SW Barbur          $15.99