Sauvignon Blanc from a specialist – 2019 Matanzas Creek


Sauvignon Blanc is oftentimes considered

a “gateway” wine for a pair of reasons.   


With its easy-to-like flavor profile,

Sauvignon Blanc shines as the preferred wine

for people who typically don’t prefer any wine. 


Reason # 2:  For many wineries, Sauvignon Blanc

can serve as the introductory wine that

gets customers in the door, so to speak,

and leads them to the usual, and more lucrative, suspects in the portfolio,

such as Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

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Every week, we recommend a good-value wine

that’s easy to find at your store or online. 


We call this feature Wine Thursday!   


This week, we’re bringing attention to

a Sauvignon Blanc…

and a Sauvignon Blanc producer…

that breaks the norm.




For Matanzas Creek, a winery near Santa Rosa, California,

Sauvignon Blanc isn’t an afterthought. 

On the contrary, Matanzas Creek leads with it,

producing no less than five different versions of SB.

(For perspective, I’ve never seen any winery

offering more than two versions of this type of wine.) 


Matanzas Creek’s entry-level, i.e., least expensive SB is a gem. 

Bright and crisp, it bursts with classic Sauvignon Blanc fruit flavors

such as green apple and grapefruit. 

Medium-bodied with soft acidity, it’s simultaneously

vibrant and clean.  It would pair quite well with oysters,

lobster or any variation of green salad.   



Matanzas Creek 2019 Sauvignon Blanc can be found

at Total Wine for $15.99. 

Fred Meyer carries it for $17.49. 

It’s on the shelf at QFC for $17.99. 

The best price we could find online – $13.99 @ Luekens 

K&L Wine Merchants has it for $14.95 

Hi-Time Wine Cellars’ price is $14.99 

You can order it from for $16.99

or from Napa Cabs for $17.99