The Pundit 2014

If you’ve never bought a wine simply because you liked the label, raise your right hand.

We’re looking around.

And we see no hands raised…

… because we’ve all made impulse wine purchases based on a label.

Labels sell wine.   It’s a fact of wine life.

Unfortunately, quite often the label makes a promise the wine can’t keep.

Not with The Pundit 2014,

The label does jump off the shelf.  Those owl eyes go right through you.

And happily, the wine is quite good.

Most reds from eastern Washington are big and sturdy.

The Pundit, predominately syrah, is all of that.

But it also has enough berry & fruit flavor to strike a pleasant balance.

It’s good now. We held an office taste test and the bottle lasted, oh, about 10 minutes.

But it could also age for 2-3 years.

BTW, the owl is a “representation of a pundit, an all-seeing, all knowing authority.”

Good story.   Great label.   Nice wine.


As of April 6 , we saw The Pundit 2014 at:



Fred Meyer – Hollywood                                               $20.99

Fred Meyer – Hawthorne                                               $20.99

Safeway – NE Sandy & 69th                                          $22.39

Safeway – Hawthorne                                                   $22.39

QFC – NE 56th & Burnside                                           $21.99

QFC – NE 33rd & Hancock                                            $21.99



Costco – Beaverton                                                   $16.99

Fred Meyer – Beaverton                                            $20.99

Fred Meyer – Walker Road                                        $20.99

Fred Meyer – Stadium                                               $20.99

Safeway – NW Lovejoy                                              $22.39

Safeway – Cornell & Murray                                     $22.39

Bale’s Thriftway – Cornell                                         $21.99

QFC – Barnes & Miller                                              $21.99



Fred Meyer – SW Barbur                                          $20.99

Safeway – Lake Oswego                                          $22.39