This is what we do – behind-the-scenes at Pat The Wine Guy!


When you see a recommendation here on the

Pat The Wine Guy website,

it’s not only a wine that I like. 

It’s a wine that WE like.



We have at least four…sometimes as many as nine tasters…

weigh in on every wine we evaluate.



My office is in a digital content creation studio/entrepreneurial space. 

I’m surrounded by editors, animators,

technology gurus and social media experts,

Thus,  I mingle with smart people who have real jobs.


Three years ago when I launched PTWG,

I asked my office mates

if they’d like to taste wine and share their thoughts. 


Now, three years later, our mid-afternoon tastings

have become part of our weekly routine.



It’s a win-win-win.

1. My office friends experience wine

they might not try/buy on their own. 

(BTW, even though we blind taste every wine,

the office crew is getting quite good

at identifying varietals and price points.)


2. I benefit from their collective feedback. 

I truly believe that mo’ palates is mo’ better

when evaluating wine.


3. We have fun. 

On occasion, I’ve noticed that

the workplace efficiency quotient

has seemed to decline

after we’ve tested and evaluated three hearty reds. 


But I’ve heard no complaints.



We’re working on expanding the tasting team

beyond the office. 


This means you. 


If you’re in the Portland area

and would like to join in

on one of our mid-afternoon, weekday tastings,

email me at 

Let’s see if we can make this work.