With summer on the way, think rosé – 2020 Aix Provence


Short sleeves, long days and patio parties beckon.


The summer solstice kicks in on Tuesday

marking the official start of  the most wonderful

time of the year…for those of us who favor rosé. 


Many enjoy rosé the year ’round, regardless of the weather,

an approach that is becoming increasingly popular.

But it remains a predominately summer drink.

As things heat up in the coming weeks, 

the rosé bandwagon will reach peak capacity.

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It’s Wine Thursday! 

Every Thursday, just in time for your weekend, 

we highlight a good, affordable wine that’s easy to find,

either at your store, online, or both. 


If you’re looking for a rosé that is summer worthy,

read on.




Where it’s from

The Aix winery is dead-set in the heart of Provence

in the south of France, high in the hills just north of 

the town of Aix-en-Provence.

While they didn’t “invent” rosé, 

winemakers in Provence have set a standard

that the world’s other rosé producers

strive to equal.  


What it is 

You would not guess that Aix is a mass-produced wine. 

It has a clarity and balance that smaller producers emulate. 

For the record, it’s 60% Grenache, 20% Cinsault and 20% Syrah.   

Aix combines those ingredients to create a dry but refreshing rosé

that shows floral flavors and a pleasing amount of minerality. 

A healthy dose of acidity keeps this wine bright and tangy. 

If you prefer a sweet rosé, don’t bother. 

If you like a tart, not-quite-ripe strawberry flavored drink

that has a bracing finish, this is it. 

This wine goes down easy

while keeping you interested with every sip.


Where to find it

Aix rosé is at Total Wine for $15.97. 

QFC, Target and Bev Mo all have it on the shelf for $19.99. 

Safeway, Fred Meyer offer it at the same price, $21.99.

The price at Albertsons is $22.99. 

You can order it from B-21 for $17.99  


Wine.com has it for that same $17.99 price  


The price at Saratoga Wine Exchange is $16.94  


It’s available through The Merchant of Wine for $19.95