A bright winter white – 2021 Vietti Roero Arneis


Granted, it is not winter. 

But we’re getting there… fast.


From where I sit, the temperature is 38 degrees and it’s hailing.   

That’s winter enough for me. 


If you’re going by the rules,

now is the time when you’re supposed to warm up

with the hearty red wines. 

But you know what they say about rules…

they’re meant to be broken.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly look at a good wine

that sells at a good price and is easy to find.   


This week, we’re going against the grain,

checking out a unique white wine…sunshine in a bottle…

when a little sunshine can go a long way.




Where it’s from  

For over 200 years, the Vietti family has been growing grapes

and making wine in the picturesque hill country

in Piedmont in northwest Italy. 

Piedmont is best known for its burly red wines,

Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera. 

But the Viettis have enjoyed success with wines

made from a white grape, Roero.


What it is   

Vietti’s Roero Arneis is a thought-provoking wine. 

You’ll wonder, “Have I ever tasted a white quite like this?”  

Chances are the answer is no. 


This 2021 version of Roero Arneis is lightly scented and fruit-forward,

showing lemon, pear and honey flavors up front. 

With a good measure of acidity and minerality,

it’s refreshingly tangy.   And while convention would suggest

this is a wine to be enjoyed in the warmth of summer,

it has enough body and character to hold your interest

on a brisk winter day as well. 

I suggest that you don’t over-chill this as that might

suppress some of its unique flavors.

Chilled, sure.  Freezing, no. 


Where to find it 

I first discovered this wine at a grocery some 4 years ago. 

Since then, I’ve seen it sporadically on retail shelves…places such as

Safeway, Fred Meyer and QFC. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up on a consistent basis. 

The good news: it is a regular offering for many online retailers. 

Seek it out. But if you can’t find it at your store,

there are many options for ordering online. 

Vietti’s Roero Arneis is available at Wine Library for $17.57  


The price at Saratoga Wine Exchange is $18.10  


Empire Wine has it for $18.62  


Gary’s Wine & Marketplace in St. Helena sells it for $20.21  


Marketview Liquor has it for $21.68  


It’s $21.99 at Binny’s Beverage Depot  


SEC Wines in Portland has it for $22.09  


And it’s at K & L for $24.99