A solid Turkey Day option – A to Z 2020 Pinot Noir


If you’re worried about making a series of

perfect Thanksgiving food and wine pairings,

we have two words of advice: 

just don’t. 


The traditional Turkey Day menu

includes far too many courses…

snacks, appetizers, main course, desserts…

and a wide spectrum of unique flavors…

savory, salty, tart, buttery, fatty, etc…

which combine to turn match making

into an exercise in futility.


Even if you did make the attempt to

compliment each and every course

with the absolute ideal wine,

you’d be opening upwards of a dozen bottles

and probably finishing none.   


That’s quite a bit of leftover wine.


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It’s Wine Thursday!  our weekly look at a good wine

that sells at a good price and is easy for you to find

at your store or online.   


This Thursday we’re looking forward to next Thursday

with a Thanksgiving recommendation. 


While there is no single wine that works

across the entire Turkey Day menu,

A to Z’s 2020 Pinot Noir comes pretty darn close.


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Where it’s from  

It’s somewhat remarkable that this wine even exists. 

Back in early September of 2020, catastrophic wildfires swept through Oregon. 

A blanket of thick smoke covered Willamette Valley’s vineyards at harvest time. 

Winemakers were worried that smoke taint would make 2020 a bust. 

But the smoke effect turned out to be localized…site specific…

and many Oregon winemakers…including A to Z… were able

to salvage the 2020 vintage. 


What it is

A to Z’s 2020 offering is the prototypical Oregon Pinot Noir.   

It has medium body, medium acidity and gentle tannins. 

With tart fruit flavors such as strawberry and cranberry

along with earthy, peppery undertones, 

this pinot will work well with both

dark and white turkey meat. 

It also has enough acidity to cut through the fat

of side dishes, gravy and mashed potatoes. 

And there’s a bright, tangy side to this wine

that makes it a nice match for both cranberry sauce

and sweet potatoes.  Now that’s versatility.   


Where to buy it  

Total Wine has A to Z Pinot Noir for $11.97.  The price at Costco is $13.99. 

Trader Joes has it for $16.99.  It’s at Fred Meyer and QFC for $17.99. 

It’s on the shelf at Albertsons for $18.99. Vons and Target have it for $19.99. 

Safeway’s price is $21.99 while Ralphs carries it for $22.84. 

You can order it from Buy Wines Online for $18.95 


Westminster Wines Warehouse sells it for $18.99 


And it’s at Wine On Sale for $20.95