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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “You’ve been to Walla Walla, haven’t you?”  And every time, I had to answer “no”.  Until this past weekend.

I took the scenic four-hour drive up the Columbia Gorge to WW this past weekend to attend the annual Wine Bloggers Conference, a global gathering of a few hundred wine writers/bloggers/publicists/social media mavens.

The conference was great.  But Walla Walla was great-er.


Stroll around the downtown historic district and you half expect to see Andy and Barney Fife patrolling the sidewalks.  It has a definite Mayberry vibe to it.

But the real attraction downtown is the cluster of tasting rooms.  They’re plentiful & close together.  On a couple of blocks, there’s a tasting room every few steps, or stumbles, depending on where you’re at in your tastings.



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