It’s alive! Wine labels that literally come to life before your very eyes…and your cell phone!

You’ve seen them….wine labels that have such an eye-catching design that they “jump off the shelf.”

Now through some amazing technology that I don’t begin to understand, there are wine labels with animated stories that literally jump off the label!

Watch this:


19 Crimes is an Australian brand owned by the massive wine conglomerate, Treasury Wines.  19 Crimes refers to a group of 18th century British bad boys (and one bad girl) banished to Australia for their misdoings.  Every one of the prisoners has a story to tell.  Those stories come to life through an augmented reality experience “embedded” on the label.

Download the free app, frame up the label in your cell phone and the prisoners instantly animate, telling their grisly tales of torment, travail and torture.

The technology world is loving this.  The execution is getting rave reviews as it should.  We triggered the experience on four different labels.  Across the board, the production value was exceptional.

I wish I could say the same about the wine.  19 Crimes produces a number of reds and a chardonnay.  Unlike the augmented reality labels, the wines are quite forgettable.  I can’t recommend them.

But I do recommend downloading the app and watching the augmented reality experience.  I have to believe this is only the beginning for AR and wine labels.  Imagine a label that tells the story of the vintage, the wine making process and the characteristics of what’s in the bottle.  Could be something there.  In the meantime, enjoy these well-produced stories about the British rogues who committed 19 Crimes.  While the wine isn’t my style, the augmented reality is amazingly well done.