Cab that lives up to the hype – 2019 Substance Cabernet Sauvignon


I’m sure you’ve noticed…there’s a lot of marketing

out there in the wine world.   

At this point, we’re used to it.   

Or perhaps better said, we’re numb to it.

Thus, when a mass-producer of economical wines proclaims

they produce “wines of substance”, you instinctively

question the hype.   


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Welcome to our weekly review of a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price and is

easy to find, either at the store or online.   

We call it Wine Thursday!   

This week, we’re looking at the flagship product

of a portfolio known as

“Wines of Substance”.




Charles Smith is a character. 

He loves rock and roll, art, pop culture

and crafting solid wine…a lot of solid wine. 

Smith reigns over an empire…

the 5th largest wine company in the state of Washington.

Included under Smith’s sizable umbrella

are “Wines of Substance” that are

“important, valid and significant”.   

So says the marketing.


The 2019 Wines of Substance Cabernet Sauvignon

lives up to the fanfare.   

This is a fruit-forward absolutely-agreeable Cab. 

You’ll taste dark fruits, such as black cherry,

and subtle undertones of spice and tobacco. 

The body is medium while the tannins are mild.   

It could use a bit more acidity/complexity. 

But for a Cabernet at this price point,

it definitely stands out. 

Good balance.  Good structure.  Good wine.   


And there is a good deal of it out there at retail.   

You’ll find 2019 Substance Cabernet Sauvignon at Total Wine for $12.97. 

Costco carries it for $12.99.   QFC’s price is $14.99. 

Both Safeway and Fred Meyer sell it for $15.99. 

It’s on the shelf at Target for $16.99 and at Albertson’s for $17.99. 

You can order it from Empire Wine for $13.95 

or from for $14.99