Cheap but drinkable Pinot Noir – 2019 Bogle


Pinot Noir.

It can be good.

It can be cheap.

But it’s usually not both.

A local wine steward shared a funny conversation she had with a customer. 

Customer:  “I’d like a good Oregon Pinot Noir.” 

Wine steward:  “How much do you want to spend?”   

Customer:  “Ten dollars.”   

Wine steward:  “Ten dollars?”   

Customer:  “Yes.” 

Wine steward:  “Allow me to show you our wide selection of red blends.

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It’s Wine Thursday!


Every Thursday, we recommend a wine that’s a good value

and is easy to find, either at the store or online.   


While we can’t do the impossible…

find a good $10 Oregon Pinot Noir…

we have discovered such a wine

that’s produced a little further south.




Bogle Vineyards, a mega-winery located near Sacramento,

recently won Wine Enthusiast’s Winery of the Year award.

The designation was based in large part on Bogle’s lengthy legacy

of producing best buy wines. 


The 2019 Pinot Noir is a good example of Bogle’s

ability to deliver both quality and value.   


This is what it is…a mass-produced California Pinot. 

It’s highly-saturated and full-bodied with rich black fruit notes. 

If you’re a fan of Oregon Pinot Noir, you won’t like it. 

But if you’re OK with the richer California style,

you’ll appreciate the quality in this bottle. 

For a wine that retails for $10 or less at many outlets, 

it’s a crowd pleaser. 


You can find the 2019 Bogle Pinot Noir at Total Wine for $7.97. 

Fred Meyer carries it for $8.99. 

Walmart sells it for $9.98. 

Target’s price is a penny more, $9.99. 

It’s at Safeway for $10.79. 

QFC’s price is $10.99. 

It’s on the shelf at Ralph’s for $11.42.