Classic Sonoma Chardonnay – 2019 Sonoma-Cutrer


When something is described as “flabby”,  it’s never complimentary. 

Flabby arms. 

Flabby stomach. 

Flabby wine. 

Not good.

A flabby wine lacks structure. 

It’s not flavorful.

At best, a flabby wine is indistinct. 

At worst, it’s limp and/or syrupy. 

As the expression goes, a flabby wine is…


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It’s Wine Thursday!

Every Thursday, we highlight a good wine in the $10-$30 range

that’s easy to find either online or at your neighborhood store. 


This week’s wine is a supermarket mainstay

that’s worth a few extra bucks.




Let us tell you what Sonoma-Cutrer’s 2019

Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is not.  

It’s certainly not the cheapest supermarket Chardonnay. 

But it’s quality wine.  You get what you pay for. 

There are several $12 Chardonnays available that are a waste of $12.   


Sonoma-Cutrer is not overly oaked. 

It is not overly buttered.   

Oak and butter are there but in the appropriate proportions. 

It is neither sweet nor is it dry. 

This Chardonnay strikes a nice sweet/dry balance

with enough acidity to keep it interesting, i.e., not flabby.  

Pick a fruit flavor…chances are you’ll taste it here. 

There’s apple, lemon, lime and pineapple. 

In summary, here’s what the 2019 Sonoma-Cutrer is: 

a smooth drinker and a classic sub-$30 Chardonnay. 


Sonoma-Cutrer Sonoma Coast is very easy to find in both

brick & mortar stores as well as the internet.   

Total Wine lists it at $19.97.  It’s at Costco for $20.99. 

The price at Fred Meyer and QFC is $26.99. 

Ralph’s has it for $27.13. 

Both Safeway and Target sell it for $27.99. 

You can order it from Bottle Barn for $19.99 

Saratoga Wine Exchange has it for $20.18 

B-21 and The Wine Buyer both list it for $20.98