Less than 24 hours after launching Pat The Wine Guy, the complaints are already rolling in.

“Are you ever going to recommend anything other than red wine?”

Geez. How bout a little slack?

As the great Rodney Dangerfield would say, “Tough crowd! Tough crowd!”

Just kidding. Valid comment.

So let’s move gradually down the color scale i.e., from red to…pink.

Yes way, rose!

There are sooooo many great roses in our price range. This one’s on the very low end.

But don’t let the nice price fool you. Domaine Sorin is terrific.

It certainly has a great pedigree. Domaine Sorin comes from Bandol, a grape/wine mecca in Provence.

Like so many good roses from this area, Domaine Sorin is crisp, refreshing and has just the right amount of acidity.

How they can ship this fine wine all the way over here and still charge only 12 bucks is beyond me.

Domaine Sorin isn’t everywhere but find a Fred Meyer and you’ll probably find Domaine Sorin.

And at PTWG, more pinks…and whites…are on the way!

As of March 23rd, we saw Domaine Sorin at:


Fred Meyer Hollywood                           $11.49

Fred Meyer Interstate                              $11.49

Fred Meyer Hawthorne                          $11.49

Safeway Rose City                                  $11.99

Safeway Hawthorne                              $11.99

QFC NE Burnside/56th                        $11.99


Fred Meyer Walker Road                        $11.49

Fred Meyer Beaverton                            $11.49

Safeway SW Jefferson                            $11.99

Safeway NW Lovejoy                            $11.99


Fred Meyer Tualitin                                 $11.99

Safeway  Lake Oswego                             $11.99