Easy to drink, easy to remember and easy to find rosé… Bieler Père & Fils Aix-en-Provence 2017

“I love this new wine I found.”

“What’s it called?”

“I can’t remember.  But there was a little stripe on the label and some block letters and I think the label was black…or it might have been blue… and I know the wine was red.”

“I’m gonna need a little more to go on.”

Have you ever overheard or participated in a similar conversation?  I know I have.  So many wine labels, not enough brain cells.  But hopefully, you won’t have any trouble recalling our latest recommendation.  Just remember, it’s the rosé that has two axes on the label.

 Bieler Père & Fils is a French winery based in Aix, the former capital of Provence.  Aix is actually pronounced “ex”, not “axe”.  But if including a pair of axes on the label to help those of us who struggle with recall AND pronunciation, then good for the winery.

And in regards to this rosé,  good for us.  This is classic Provence rosé that tastes like…well, how ’bout we let Trader Joe’s describe the flavors?

Did you catch all of that?  “…floral, herbal, wild red fruit, stone fruit and acid…raspberry, cherry, peach, herbal, citrus and mineral core.”

That’s a million-dollar explanation for a sub-$10 wine.  I think I’m going to hire Trader Joe’s writer to compose copy for Pat The Wine Guy.

In any event, this is a great little rosé that, in the words of one of my colleagues in the office, “goes down way too easy”.

  Here’s the part of the post where we usually list the specific locations where the wine is sold.  But this one is sold almost everywhere, certainly at all of the big chain stores.  So we’ll just hit you with the prices:

$10 – Trader Joe’s and Fred Meyer

$13 – Safeway and QFC