For Wine Thursday!, and Oregon Wine Month, rock on with ROCO Gravel Road Pinot Noir


It’s a doubleheader…Wine Thursday!

and Oregon Wine Month



For our regular weekly wine review and recommendation,

we’re tapping into a Pinot produced by a Pinot pro. 


ROCO’s Rollin Soles can match wine cred with anyone in the business. 

Soles co-founded one of Oregon’s iconic labels, Argyle,

then went on to start ROCO (pronounced Rock-o) with his wife,

Corby Stonebraker-Soles, in 2001. 


Along the way, Rollin Soles has gained recognition

as one of the best winemakers on the planet. 

His wines have been named among the Top 100 Wines in the World

by Wine Spectator no less than 13 times.



Gravel Road is ROCO’s entry-level Pinot. 

We popped-and-poured it…probably a mistake…

as it was just a touch tart right out of the chute. 

Came back to it a 1/2 hour later and it had opened up nicely,

showing great balance and a pleasant strawberry flavor. 


 We found ROCO’s ’16 Gravel Road Pinot Noir

at Fred Meyer for $19.49

Safeway for $23.09

and at New Seasons for $24.99. 

You can also order through the winery

where they are selling the 2017 vintage. 

 We haven’t tried the ’17 yet

but according to one professional review we read, it’s a good bottle too.


Oregon Wine Month is just getting started. 

We’ll be back next week with another Oregon reco

for our next Wine Thursday!