Gerard Bertrand Cotes Des Roses 2015

We hear the question…over and over…in various forms. Everyone basically asks the same thing:

“Can you recommend a wine that I can bring to a party without embarrassing myself?”

Inevitably followed by… “BTW I don’t want to pay too much.”

We hear you. No one wants to look like a dope or spend like a dope when it comes to party wine.

We have a solution: Gerard Bertrand Cotes Des Roses 2015.

Hand this over to the host or hostess and you’ll instantly score serious style points.

The bottle is unique.   Check out the top. It has a glass stopper. Check out the bottom. It’s shaped like a rose.

The package and presentation will impress. So will the wine.

From Langedoc in southern France, this rose goes down easy. Perhaps too easy.
We tasted it in the office and heard, “I could drink this all day and not realize I’ve been drinking it all day.”

Back to the party. This would go extremely well with hors d’oeuvres. The crowd will start snacking and drinking.

Blink and it’ll be gone.

Note: remember this one for the coming months.

As the weather gets warmer, this rose will only become more appealing.

Update:  a few weeks ago, this was mainly a Trader Joe’s play. Now as we get deeper into spring and closer (let’s hope) to warmer weather, it’s showing up all over town.

As of April 6, we saw Gerard Bertrand Cote Des Roses at:


Fred Meyer – Hollywood                          $15.49

Fred Meyer – Hawthorne                        $15.49

Trader Joe’s – Hollywood                        $12.99

Safeway – Hawthorne                            $14.99

Safeway – Rose City                                $14.99

QFC – Burnside & 56th                           $15.99

Costco – near PDX                                   $11.99


Trader Joe’s – Beaverton                        $12.99

Trader Joe’s – NW Glisan                         $12.99

Safeway – Cornell & Murray                    $14.99

Costco   Beaverton                                     $11.99

Costco    Tigard                                           $11.99


Trader Joe’s – Lake Oswego                    $12.99

Safeway  Lake Oswego                             $14.99

Safeway    Barbur Blvd.                            $14.99

Fred Meyer  Tualitin                               $15.49

Fred Meyer  Barbur Blvd.                       $15.49