Going beyond the tasting room. A video tour of a vineyard in winter in Oregon Wine Country



Blue skies, sunshine and terrific wine insights

We lucked out and got the whole package

when we visited Evening Land’s Seven Springs Vineyard in late January



Our host, Ty Pierce, knows his wine stuff 

When we weren’t touring and/or tasting,

we were shooting…

shooting a wide-reaching interview with Evening Land’s Tynan Pierce. 



We covered a variety of topics

including why winter is a critical season for wineries, 

how climate change is affecting the industry,

the future of Oregon wine and more. 

I think you’ll find that it’s six minutes of very interesting info. 


Here’s a link to the video on our You Tube channel.





If you can catch a good weather day,

this is a great time of year to tour.

Evening Land offers tours of their Seven Springs Vineyards year round. 

The busy season hits when the weather warms up

during the late spring and summer. 

Until then, things are much more laid back. 

For more information and to make an appointment,  check out their site,





I recommend the tour…and the wine  

The vineyard tour includes several samples

of Evening Land’s highly-regarded pinot noir and chardonnay. 

While they’re all members of the same family,

each wine was unique, offering its own distinct nuances and flavors.

   I enjoyed every sip.   


At Pat The Wine Guy, we focus on wine that is $30 and below and easy to find. 

Given those critertia, Evening Land’s wines don’t “qualify”.   

 But you can find their entry-level pinot at Stadium Fred Meyer

and Walker Road Fred Meyer for around $35.

In addition, there are several sites on line where you can source Evening Land. 

Just google “Evening Land Pinot Noir 2016”