Here’s a good red for National Red Wine Day. Waterbrook 2013 Reserve Cabernet

As if we need an excuse to drink more wine…

Similar to the greeting card business which artificially manufactured “Hallmark holidays”, the wine industry  has a robust marketing machine that’s constantly driving demand.  Case in point:  all of the “official” wine days throughout the year.

Sunday, October 15 is National Red Wine Day.

Is it legit?  Who knows, but really, who cares?

National Red Wine Day.  I’ll drink to that.

Here’s a red that fulfills all of the PTWG requirements, i.e. good wine at a good price & easy to find:  Waterbrook 2013 Reserve Cabernet.   Waterbrook is a Walla Walla winery that consistently under promises and over delivers.  Their reds and whites wind up on “best buy” lists again and again.

This cabernet keeps the streak going.  Cabs in the $20 price range usually have a fatal flaw.  Too sweet.  Too tannic.  Too something.

Not here.

The Waterbrook Reserve is, in a word,  pleasing.

And there’s a lot to be said for a pleasing 20-buck cabernet.

As of October 13, we found Waterbrook 2013 Reserve Cabernet at:


Costco – near PDX                      $16.99       Safeway  NE 69th & Sandy     $21.99

Safeway  SE 28th & Hawthorne  $21.99       Fred Meyer  Hawthorne          $21.99

Fred Meyer  Hawthorne               $21.99        QFC  NE 56th & Burnside      $21.99


Costco   Beaverton                 $16.99           Fred Meyer Beaverton           $21.99

Fred Meyer  Walker Road        $21.99          Fred Meyer Raleigh Hills        $21.99

QFC  Miller & Barnes Rd         $21.99         Safeway  Cornell Rd.               $21.99

Safeway   NW Lovejoy             $21.99         Fred Meyer  Stadium               $21.99


Costco       Tigard                  $16.99                  Safeway  SW Barbur               $21.99

Fred Meyer  SW Barbur          $21.99                 Fred Meyer Tualatin               $21.99

Safeway   Lake Oswego         $21.99