For these hot days…drink pink! J.Christopher 2016 Cristo Irresisto Oregon pink wine

With oppressive heat comes impressive methods to beat said heat.

 One suggestion I found online:  a few minutes before hitting the sack, put your bedsheets in a plastic bag and stick them in the refrigerator or, better yet, the freezer for 10 minutes.

Make sure you use the plastic bag unless “eu de frozen pizza is your fave aromatherapy”.

Here’s a simpler strategy:  rally round the revolving fan and have a well-chilled glass of J. Christopher 2016 Cristo Irresisto Oregon pink wine.

This one meets all of our requirements.  Good wine.  Good price.  And while you won’t find it in every grocery, it is available around town (see our listings below).

On top of that, it’s from J. Christopher, a local favorite.  For years, J. Christopher has been providing good wine with an eclectic approach.  For example, while everyone else calls it rosé,  J. Christopher goes with “Oregon pink wine”.

But don’t let the irreverent attitude put you off.   This is a very nice blend of syrah and grenache.  Fresh and crisp with a hint of strawberry and not sweet at all.

 Chilled Cristo Irresisto is ideal to sip while beating the heat.  And waiting for your sheets to freeze.

As of August 2, we found 2016 J. Christopher Cristo Irresisto Oregon pink wine at:


Fred Meyer  Hollywood     $14.39        Fred Meyer Hawthorne      $14.39

Safeway  Hawthorne          $15.99       QFC  Burnside & NE 56th   $15.99


Fred Meyer  Stadium             $14.39      Zupan’s  Burnside                    $14.39

New Seasons  NW Raleigh     $16.99     Market of Choice Cedar Mill    $16.99


Fred Meyer Tualatin                         $14.39    Zupan’s SW Macadam    $16.25

Zupan’s Boones Ferry Lake Oswego  $16.25   New Seasons Tualatin   $16.99