Intrinsic Cabernet 2015

The descriptors include the words “presence and persistence”.

Are they talking about a  wine? Or Tom Brady?

In this case, Wine Spectator is indeed talking about 2015 Intrinsic Cabernet.

“The texture is rustic with a savory and inviting finish.” How’s that for flowery wine talk?

I can’t wax that poetic but I can tell you that in the around-$20-cabernet-category, there’s a lot more bad than good.

This 100% Washington cabernet is an exception. Personally, I wish it had just a touch more character but overall, it’s a good wine, a nice value and a fantastic label.

Definitely do not pop and pour it. Let it breathe for a while…up to a ½ hour…then give it a good swirl before quaffing.

As of April 6,  we saw Intrinsic Cabernet at:


Safeway Rose City             $20.99

Safeway Hawthorne          $20.99

QFC 56th & Burnside         $21.99

Trader Joe’s Hollywood      $18.99

QFC NE 33rd                      $21.99

Fred Meyer Hollywood       $20.99

Fred Meyer Hawthorne      $20.99

Costco near PDX                 $17.69


Fred Meyer Walker Road   $20.99

Fred Meyer Beaverton       $20.99

Fred Meyer Stadium          $20.99

Fred Meyer Barbur Blvd.    $20.99

Safeway NW Lovejoy         $20.99

Safeway Cornell Road       $20.99

Safeway  SW Jefferson       $20.99

Trader Joe’s Beaverton      $18.99

Trader Joe’s NW Glisan      $18.99

Costco Beaverton              $17.69



Fred Meyer Tualitin                    $20.99

Trader Joe’s Lake Oswego           $18.99

Safeway Lake Oswego                $20.99