Perfect Pinot (Gris) for a party – Eola Hills 2019 Pinot Gris


With the onset of summer…and the loosening of many

Covid-related restrictions on gatherings…summer parties

are in the offing.   If you’re planning a warm-weather

get-together and the guest list is growing,

you’ll need a white wine that’s suitable for sipping

but also budget friendly.

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It’s Wine Thursday!, our weekly


that-you-can-find recommendation,

just in time for your weekend. 


Back to your upcoming summer party. 

This week’s reco would be a good choice to

both please your guests and your pocketbook.




While not everyone loves Pinot Gris,

it’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t at least

like it…especially when the weather is warm

and the wine is well-chilled. 

Thus, Pinot Gris is a solid choice

for summer entertaining.  


Eola Hills 2019 Pinot Gris checks all of the summer party boxes. 

It has the typical Pinot Gris characteristics:  crisp acidity,

medium body, enticing aromas and pleasing fruit flavors. 

Your guests will like that. 

And it’s a tremendous value. 

You will like that.   

If you aren’t hosting a gathering

but merely looking for a cool drink

on a warm night, 

the Eola Hills 2019 can fill that bill too. 

It’s a perfect match for salmon or grilled chicken

but also works wonderfully on its own.   


We found Eola Hills 2019 at Costco (in Oregon) for just $7.99   

The price at Fred Meyer is $10.99.  Safeway carries it for $10.49. 

QFC’s price is $11.99.   Total Wine lists it at $14.99. 

You can order it online from Tualatin Liquor for $11.99 

Trailhead Liquor has it for $12.49

Drizzly’s price is $14.99

or you can order it straight from the winery for a flat $14