Ruby Port for the holidays – Fonseca Bin 27 Porto


Port is wine with a little something extra…fortification


In the early stages of the process,

Port is created just like any other wine.   

Then the recipe changes.


Distilled grape spirits are added to the mix to

1. fortify the juice and

2. stop fermentation before the sugar in the juice

is converted to alcohol. 


This results in a wine that is typically sweeter, richer

and higher in alcoholic content than non-fortified wines.

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It’s Wine Thursday!  our weekly feature

highlighting a good wine

that’s a good buy and is easy to find

either at the grocery/supermarket/wine shop or online. 


This week, we’re featuring a low-risk/high-reward

introduction to the Port category.





There are several permutations of Port 

including Tawny, White, Vintage, Late Bottled Vintage

and Ruby, the least expensive and most widely-produced

type of Port.


In the broad Ruby category, Fonseca Bin 27 is a cut above. 

Up front, it shows deep, ripe fruity flavors of plum and black cherry

that eventually turn to enjoyable notes of pepper and licorice. 

This one’s a true crowd pleaser…a perfect accompaniment to

cheese, nuts and chocolate-based desserts.   

No need to rush through the bottle.   

It will keep for 2-4 weeks.

That’s a plus since at 20% alcohol

(typical for Port)

sipping might be the prudent approach for Bin 27.   


Fonseca Bin 27 Porto is widely available. 

Total Wine has it for $15.99.   Ralph’s lists it at $17.13. 

Fred Meyer and Safeway sell it for $18.99. 

The price at Safeway is $19.99.   

You can order it from Saratoga Wine Exchange for $15.94 

or from B-21 for $16.99 

and K&L Wine Merchants have it available at $17.99