Spring has sprung! Check out our new video on bud break when the vineyard comes to life and the growing season begins

Bud Break is…

A: the manager of the Minnesota Twins

B: a new prison comedy movie starring Steve Carell

C: when grape vines sprout tiny leaves,

marking the beginning of the growing season in the vineyard


You did say “C”, didn’t you?

All kidding aside,  bud break is a very big deal

for wine producers and wine drinkers



During bud break, these vines spring to life. 

And if all goes well, in two years or so,

we’ll be popping corks and enjoying the end result of the process

that started with the emergence of those tiny buds. 

Check out this video we just produced on bud break

and the beginning of the ’19 growing season.



Big thanks to Wayne Bailey of Youngberg Hill Vineyards for his hospitality and expertise




If you’re ever near McMinnville OR and searching for a tasting room with a view,

head to Youngberg Hill. 

On a clear day, you’ll see mountains…

two or three or more…

 from Youngberg Hill’s east-facing deck