Subtle Chardonnay -Simi 2020 Sonoma County


Chardonnay has been called the most important grape in the world.   

But it’s also the most maligned. 


And at least some of that hate is well-deserved.   

Truth be told, the wine world is swimming in cheap, sub-par Chardonnays

that are sickly sweet and over-oaked.   

Then there’s the opposite end of the “why we hate Chardonnay” spectrum…

the watered-down, insipid version that is thin and weak.   


But…and you know where we’re going with this…(we’ve gone here before

and we’ll probably go here again):

all inexpensive Chardonnay’s are not created equal.

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It’s Wine Thursday!,

our weekly look at a good wine

that sells at a reasonable price

and is readily available at retail or online.   


This week, we’re checking out an inexpensive Chardonnay

that challenges the inexpensive-Chardonnay stereotype.




Where it’s from 

Nearly 150 years ago, Giuseppe and Pietro Simi produced their first wines

under the Simi name. 

Based in Healdsburg in the middle of Sonoma County wine country,

the Simi winery now produces a varied portfolio

of California-esque reds and whites.  


What it is  

Simi’s entry-level Chardonnay does a nice job of not

overpowering your palette. 

It’s an easy-going, subtle Chard. 

Hints of tropical fruits and citrus combine with

vanilla and cream on the palate. 

Yes, there’s oak and yes, there’s butter.

But neither hit you over the head.   

The Simi website touts this as “food friendly”. 


Salmon and seafood would be a good match.  


Where to find it  

Simi’s 2020 Sonoma County Chardonnay is at Total Wine for $12.47. 

The price at Jewell Osco is $14.99. 

Bevmo, Safeway and Target all have it for $15.99. 

It’s on the shelf at QFC for $16.99.   

Fred Meyer’s price is $17.99. 

You can order it from Empire Wine for $12.95  

Wood’s Wholesale Wine’s price is $12.84

Gary’s Wine & Marketplace has it for $13.17 

and the price at Bounty Hunter is $14.95