The first of many rosé recommendations for the upcoming (we hope) warm weather: Stoller 2017 Rosé of Pinot Noir

Rosé has become an unstoppable force in the wine world.  Makes sense.  It’s affordable.  It’s plentiful.  It’s good and just seems to  keep getting better.

That probably explains why rosé is front and center on this month’s most popular wine publication.  Wine Spectator usually showcases the more prestigious varietals or regions.  But for June, there’s rosé…affordable, every day rosé…right there on the cover.

  Quick story: on a recent warm weekday, our office held a barbecue in our parking lot.  I arrived late…pulled into the parking lot…dropped off a bottle of Stoller Rosé of Pinot Noir…then left to find street parking (which isn’t easy in NW Portland).  By the time I returned, the bottle was nearly empty.  My colleagues had already gone in for “seconds”.   That’s what is known as a crowd pleaser.

We’ll be reviewing rosés throughout the approaching summer.  In the meantime, with its rosé-typical strawberry fruit flavor and tingling acidity, Stoller’s 2017 Rosé of Pinot Noir is a good one to kick off rosé season and put a cap on Oregon Wine Month.

As of May 28, we found Stoller 2017  Rosé of Pinot Noir at:


Safeway  NE 69th & Sandy                    $19.59    Safeway  SE Hawthorne            $19.59

New Seasons   NE 32nd & Broadway    $20.99    Fred Meyer  Hollywood             $21.49

Fred Meyer  SE Hawthorne                   $21.49


QFC  Barnes & Miller                             $18.99     Safeway  NW Lovejoy                         $19.59

Safeway NW Cornell                              $19.59      New Seasons  NW Raleigh                $20.99

Fred Meyer  Stadium                             $21.49      Fred Meyer  Walker Road                   $21.49

Fred Meyer  Beaverton                          $21.49      Fred Meyer  Raleigh Hills                  $21.49

Zupan’s   NW  Burnside                          $24.97


Safeway   SW Barbur Blvd.                  $19.59        Safeway Lake Oswego                   $19.59

New Seasons  Mountain Park             $20.99       New Seasons  Tualatin                    $20.99

Fred Meyer  SW Barbur Blvd.             $21.49        Fred Meyer  Tualatin                       $21.49

Zupan’s   SE Macadam                       $24.97