Time to go merlot – L’Ecole No.41 2016 merlot

It’s not close to anything…and not easy to get to.

But once there, I think you’ll agree…

it’s worth the effort.


“It” is Walla Walla, a food and wine oasis

in Eastern Washington’s high desert. 

If you visit (which we highly recommend),

make sure you “get schooled” at L’Ecole.




The L’Ecole winery tasting room

is located in an iconic schoolhouse just west of town…

the same schoolhouse depicted on L’Ecole’s label. 

Most of L’Ecole’s big reds 

(they specialize in cabernet sauvignon, syrah and sturdy red blends)

exceed $30, the top end of our Pat The Wine Guy price range. 



but fortunately,

not all.




Sticking with the school analogy,

if you don’t know merlot, L’Ecole’s entry-level merlot

is a great place to start your education.

It’s filled with plum & dark berry fruit flavors. 

The tannins and body are medium. 

Overall, our tasting crew called it “easy to like”…

and obviously, easy to drink. 

Normally, there are “leftovers” after our tastings.

But our crew drank this bottle dry.



 We found L’Ecole No. 41 Merlot at QFC for $24.99,

at Fred Meyer for $24.49

and at Whole Foods for $29.99. 

You can order it at Wine.com for $25.99 plus shipping