Watch our latest video, all about the interesting/important/fun process known as barrel tasting!



Barrel tasting…

it’s the wine equivalent of watching a movie trailer

Just as a trailer comes out well in advance of the release of a movie,

barrel tasting happens months…maybe even years…before a wine is bottled. 

Barrel tasting gives the winemaker a sneak peak

into their own “coming attractions”.


At Yamhill Valley Vineyards, winemaker Ariel Eberle

walked us through the barrel tasting process



  I know many of you have barrel tasted. 

But if not, I highly recommend it. 

So interesting to taste a wine in its early stages

and project what it will ultimately taste like

when it goes in the bottle.


Many thanks to Ariel and Jenny Burger

at Yamhill Valley Vineyards 


Enjoy the video